We invest in the construction and development of new communication channels and Client service, such as e-CSC, e-Invoice, hotline and e-Commerce.

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Service quality

We introduce clear standards of Client service

Service standards define rules of contact with Clients, set goals of organizational changes and trainings of our employees. We identified them in many points of contact, such as call centre, Client service offices and while informing about, for example, heat outages.

Organizational change in 2014 was a very important task for us. It involved transfer of Client service into one company - Enea Centrum, which acts as a shared services centre. What thus gains our Customer? Thanks to this solution, we were able to develop a new model of business processes and thus provide better Customer service. We are proud that we changed as much as 20 business processes in such important areas like conclusion of agreements or direct Client service.

We invest in the construction and development of communication channels

We invest in the construction and development of new communication channels and Client service, such as e-CSC, e-Invoice, hotline and e-Commerce. We also implement a modern billing system and customer relationship management (CRM). In case of business Customers, we strive to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, personal service and professional advice.

We introduce new services and offer

We introduced new products (i.e. energy with the price guarantee) and facilitated offer selection through a new website enea.pl. Development of the offer applies to the entire Enea team. Enea Logistyka decided to combine quality of products with expert advice for the Customer, as our sales managers are specialists with valuable experience in the industry. Thus, we don’t only sell energy efficient solutions, but also educate. Moreover, Enea Pomiary invested in Measurement Laboratory and expands its operations by a service of current transformer verification.

We provide quality of products and high standards of service

It is worth to remember that the Enea Group is not just services, but a very strong core of production, supply of electricity and heat in a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly way. To ensure high generation quality, we invest in new technologies and increase capacity. At the same time we take care to provide high quality of service standards. We carry out projects, about which you may read in Investments section. Moreover, Integrated Quality Management System has an important role in quality management.

We have power lines of more than 133 610 km (including connections) and 36 877 transmission stations (as of 31.12.2014), which are located in the area of 58 213 km2. Power network covers six provinces: wielkopolskie, zachodniopomorskie, kujawsko – pomorskie, lubuskie and part of dolnośląskie and pomorskie. Ensuring smooth running of such an extensive network requires from us expenditures on investments, network repairs and modernizations every year. Thanks to them, we have reduced time interruptions in the electricity supply.


Time rates of interruptions in the supply of electricity for years 2013 and 2014

Number of customers 2.438.037 2.460.758 [no]
SAIDI for unplanned interruptions 353.5 219.43 [min]
SAIDI for unplanned interruptions including the catastrophic interruptions 415.33 223.49 [min]
SAIDI for planned interruptions 127.39 106.09 [min]
SAIFI for unplanned interruptions 4.18 3.21
SAIFI for unplanned interruptions including the catastrophic interruptions 4.21 3.21
SAIFI for planned interruptions 0.51 0.47
MAIFI 2.31 1.93

Results of our work – Customers evaluation

We’ve conducted a customer satisfaction survey at the turn of 2014/2015 to know the results of our actions. The study included both individual and business Customers, totalling more than three and a half thousand people. The study has been completed by an independent research agency TNS Poland. The result, i.e. Customer satisfaction index - CSI is 68.57. We plan to continue this research, to check whether we make adequate progress.

We’ve also received an award of a Customer Friendly Company. This program required a study in which 900 Enea Customers took part. The index that we were awarded is 87 per cent. This high rate was second in the industry and resulted in granting us a certificate.