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About the report

This report presents social, environmental and economic results of the Enea Capital Group for the period from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014, as well as a brief summary of CSR activities undertaken in the first half of 2015 years. The report covers all Group companies except for the Annacond Enterprises company.

How often the company publishes report?

Enea publishes report every year. Previous corporate social responsibility report for 2013 years was released in 2014.

How was the report prepared?

The report was prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the international Global Reporting Initiative G4 standard, CORE application level. The report presents relevant aspects of sustainability reporting, that's the most significant impacts of the company on the environment. They were defined in the previous reporting process. Employees from all companies take part in the report preparation. The reporting process is coordinated by the CSR Manager.

This year's report neither contains any other significant changes in the scope or measurement methods compared to the report for the previous year nor corrections of information contained in the previous report.

A list of key aspects of the Enea Captial Group reporting:

Both external stakeholders of the Enea Capital Group and its employees, indicated most often a high level of significance of the following two aspects:

  1. Employees’ health and safety
  2. Quality of client service.

In addition, twelve aspects are included in the list of key aspects which should be reported in the first instance.

Stakeholders involved in the process of aspects revision haven’t suggested to complete the list of key aspects by any other issues.

List of the most significant aspects of sustainable development of the Enea Capital Group

Key aspect or subjectImpact of the aspect within the organizationImpact of the aspect outside the organization
Environmental area
Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the context of energy generation and distribution In particular on companies from the Generation Segment
Energy consumption and energy saving solutions In particular on the Clients
Care of water resources
Renewable Energy Sources (RES) In particular on suppliers, Clients and environment
Social area: employment and decent work
Employment - scale and conditions of employment
Employees health and safety
Employees training and education In particular on the Clients
Social area: impact on community
Anti-corruption policy In particular on suppliers and Clients
and procedures
Impact on local communities and cooperation In particular on local communities of the companies operating area
Social indicators: product responsibility
Client privacy and personal data protection In particular on companies from Trade and Distribution Segment In particular on the Clients
Quality of Client service In particular on companies from Trade and Distribution Segment In particular on the Clients
Communication channels with Clients In particular on the Clients
Compliance In particular on the Clients and competition

How is the report verified?

The report is verified internally. The data are checked by employees of the company.