We have clear rules, by which we are guided during social cooperation.

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Activities for the sake of communities in which we operate are very important to us. Companies of our Group are very strongly associated with the region in which they are located, for example, Kozienice power plant. That is why we are committed to community life through activities of the Enea Foundation and voluntary commitment of our employees.

Sum of donations granted in 2014

CompaniesSum of donations granted in 2014 in PLN
Enea SA* 400.000
Enea Wytwarzanie* 604.500
MEC Piła 3.751
PEC Oborniki 0
MPEC Białystok 24879
Enea Operator* 448.500
Enea Trading 0
Enea Centrum no data
Enea Serwis 0
Enea Logistyka 2.388
Enea Oświetlenie 12.000
Enea Pomiary 0
Hotel Edison 0
Szpital Uzdrowiskowy ENERGETYK 0
Energo-Tour 0
TOTAL 1.496.018

*out of which 400000 PLN for the Enea Foundation

We realize that our daily operations meet with strong social perception. We have recorded two problematic situations in 2014. The first is sporadic protests by individual Customers in terms of technical vindication in metering and billing electricity. Enea Pomiary company responded professionally explaining a debt collection activities arising from liabilities for the use of electricity. Furthermore, we encountered difficulties when buying shares of MPEC from the Municipality of Bialystok.

Principles of cooperation with communities

We have clear rules, by which we are guided during social cooperation. Enea Foundation, which was founded in 2014, is responsible for this area and operates on the basis of the statute, organizational rules and rules for granting support. The main areas of Enea Foundation activities include:

ENEA Foundation

Foundation is the only entity in the Group which grants support for social purposes - rules of support are available on the Foundation's website.

The Foundation carries out own projects, as well as employee volunteering activities, which shall allow for coordination of the volunteer area in the entire Capital Group.

Suma przyznanego wsparcia przez Fundację Enea w 2014r.

Fundacja Enea wydatkowała 416 235

Enea Capital Group also runs sponsoring projects, by being a sponsor of Polish sports (i.e. Polish Speedway Team, cycle of triathlon competitions Enea TriTour or basketball games) and by engaging in cultural projects (i.e. Enea is a patron of the Grand Theatre in Poznań and sponsor of the Perfect band jubilee tour). Enea sponsorship policy is pursued on a basis of strategy and rules.