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Employee volunteering

We have 10 thousand employees - it is a huge strength. We created an opportunity to our employees to engage in social activities in 2011. Result: 94 thousand beneficiaries benefited during 5800 hours from the activities of our volunteers.

Example comes from the top, which is why a member of Enea Management Board engaged in the volunteering promotion by joining ‘Presidents – Volunteers’ Coalition. Coalition promotes the idea of volunteering. Four Presidents of the largest Enea companies led classroom lessons for children and young people in 2014.

Competence volunteering

Competence Volunteering is a type of volunteering, in which our employees- volunteers use their professional knowledge and skills. Our employees took part in two multiannual programs in 2014. In terms of safe handling of electricity and provision of premedical rescue they trained 1024 people in 2014, including children and young people. Volunteers dedicated almost 60 hours on educational activities.

Electricity is not so terrible


‘Electricity is not so terrible’ is a program prepared for the youngest, i.e. children aged 3 to 9. Our employees - volunteers conduct classes in schools and make them more attractive by interesting experiences, i.e. they obtain electricity from a potato or a carbonated beverage.

First aid


Both children and adults may benefit from our ‘First Aid’ program. Our volunteers – premedical rescuers teach how to react when you witness an unfortunate event i.e. fainting or heart attack. They communicate theoretical knowledge and practice practical skills, allowing to take fast rescue action in situations of a life and health-threatening situation. Demonstrations were conducted by means of professional rescue equipment.

Action volunteering

Action volunteering are projects and initiatives organized together with partners, supported by our employees.

Get to know our volunteering actions organized in 2014.