We are experts in the field of energy.

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We share knowledge

Professionals work in Enea. We are experts in the field of energy. That is why we share our knowledge at conferences and industry meetings.


  • Conference ‘Intelligent buildings management - Digital Home’ organized by GLOBENERGIA, during which our experts had a lecture on ‘The photovoltaic system for own needs -from design to execution’.
  • "Fair More Light" in Kołobrzeg, where we educated representatives of local governments in the context of new energy solutions entering the market.

Education with partners

We know that in education we may achieve more by working together. Therefore, the program for the safety of children ‘ Safe Kindergarten Academy’ was implemented under joint preventive actions of Municipal Police Headquarters in Poznań, Polish Gas Company and Enea Operator.

Enea Operator also took part in the project "Eco-crative" addressed to small and medium-sized businesses.

Education through the media

Our companies try to reach customers in every possible way:

  • Through press, for example PEC Oborniki published articles in the local press addressed to the inhabitants of Oborniki
  • Through a series of programs ‘Friends with energy’ in the Mercury Radio (Enea Operator)
  • Through leaflets, magazine, film footage, a TV program (i.e. MEC Piła)
  • Through trade shows (i.e. Enea Oświetlenie)
  • Through e-bhu.pl website or Facebook profile.

Customers educational campaign ‘Find out who’.

Enea also implemented a nationwide educational campaign directed to individual Customers, warning against dishonest energy sellers, who were deliberately misleading Customers. The action was aimed at making Consumers aware of their rights in this market and promote fair business rules. It is continued in 2015.

Press advertisements and newspaper articles appeared in the prass in 2014 warning and teaching Customers on how to avoid signing an unfavourable contract, especially while changing energy supplier. The campaign was conducted in the local press. Energy Trading Association (TOE) was the organizer of the spring action and patronage was taken by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). Education and information campaign was supported by the biggest players on the Polish electricity market: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, TAURON Polska Energia, Enea, Grupa Energa and RWE Polska.

Enea within individual actions completed another part of an educational campaign - in October 2014. Enea Group published new warning ads and newspaper articles, in the local press covering Enea Group operations, which was supplemented by further identified and reported by the Customers examples of unfair practices.

Also in the fourth quarter, Enea has carried out a direct educational campaign for residents of one of Poznań housing associations. Consultants from Enea explained to participants during festival organized by the building manager risks associated with the process of changing energy supplier and informed how to protect themselves against them. In the blocks belonging to the housing association posters and leaflets were distributed.