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Enea Capital Group

We are one of the largest energy groups in Poland, with the most modern power unit in Europe. We generate, distribute and sell electricity. We serve 2.5 million customers. We employ 10 thousand employees. Our central headquarters are located in Poznań. 

Business segments

Supports generation, distribution and trade companies

Grupa Enea – poznaj nas.

Structure of the Enea Capital Group Map

NEA Capital Group consists of Enea parent company and twelve other companies. Enea Wytwarzanie is responsible for the energy generation, Enea Operator for distribution, and Enea Trading and Enea companies are responsible for trading.

The Capital Group also comprises support companies such as Enea Centrum, Enea Logistyka, Enea Oświtlenie, Enea Serwis, Enea Pomiary, Hotel Edison, Annacond Enterprises, Szpital Uzdrowiskowy ENERGETYK and Energo-Tour.

Furthermore, Enea Capital Group founded Enea Foundation, which is responsible for social activities.

Click on the company's website to find a brief description of companies.

A detailed description of the Enea Group as at 31 December 2014 may be found in the annual report.

Foundations of modern business group

Enea Code is the most important document in the Capital Group, which may be compared to constitution. Code is a legal instrument thanks to which we operate every day as one organism and we may take decisions quickly.

The Capital Group is like a team. We need to choose wisely its members and their roles. That is why we have introduced changes in the structure of the Group. Simplifying the Group's structure and focusing on its core business, namely generation, distribution and energy trading is the most significant. Development of a shared service centre, began with a foundation of Enea Centrum last year, was a milestone in this direction. It is a kind of "administrator". The Centre provides services to, among others, human resources, finance and accounting, IT, logistics, legal services and Client service.

Our goal: particular business areas like generation, distribution, trade and shared service centre are represented by individual companies. All share this same Enea logo (with the exception of Enea Operator due to the separation of an energy seller and distributor) and operate on the basis of the new brand strategy.

The Group's operations are supported with IT systems. We have had an intense year of work on the implementation of specialized IT systems, such as SAP and Comprehensive Customer Service System (CCSS). Thanks to them, we increase our efficiency.

Efficiency, quickness, control, costs

Our business is complex and exposed to a number of risks, i.e. financial, market. That is why we have introduced an integrated risk management system. It covers such areas as: corporate, liquidity, currency, credit, commodity and interest rate risk. Click the Report of the Management Board of the Capital Group Operations, if you wish to learn more on the risk management process.

Creation of strong foundations of the Group was a goal of a wider project ‘Corporate governance - Enea Capital Group Management Plan’. You may read more about the project in our previous CSR report or in the annual report for 2014.

In 2014 Enea Group saved PLN 252 mln

Capital Group management

Enea Management Board comprises of four persons.

Enea Management Board

Enea is supervised by the Supervisory Board comprising of eight persons.

Click the link, if you wish to read detailed biographies of the Management and Supervisory Board members. Rules of the Management and Supervisory Board are available here.

Enea on exchanges

Enea company is listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Since 11 February 2014 all Enea shares are traded (that day 2 000 033 company’s shares were introduced to trading).

Akcje Enea na GPW

Ticker ENEA PW
Liczba akcji 441 442 578
Kapitalizcja* 7,33 mld zł
Udział w Indeksach* WIG: 1,16%
WIG20: 1,71%
WIG30: 1,67%
WIG-ENERG: 11,25%
WIGPL: 1,19%
WIG-DIV: 3,17%
MSCI Poland: 1,63%

*Stan na dzień 23 marca2015

Enea Shareholders structure


Enea Trading signed an agreement with the Polish Power Exchange and became the Market Maker in 2014. Thanks to that Enea shall receive financial benefits related with the optimisation of variable costs of concluded transactions.

Furthermore, Enea Trading became a member of an international commodity exchange ICE Futures Europe in 2014. This is one of the largest European energy exchanges. Among others, transactions for oil, gas, coal and CO2 emission allowances are concluded there.