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Letter of the President of the Management Board

Dear Sirs,

I invite you to read sustainability Report of the Enea Capital Group for 2014. We’ve been reporting our social, economic and environmental impact for the fourth time already.

We are one of the largest energy companies in Poland. Decisions we make affect not only quality of life of millions of our Customers, but also energy security of the country. Transparency and reliable analysis of responsible business issues is one of the manifestations and natural consequences of chosen by us direction of continuous improvement and dynamic development of the Enea Capital Group.

In all our activities we take into account the sustainable development of Enea Group values. This means strengthening our role as a responsible, contributing to the quality of life of Poles partner of positive economic changes, consistent with the key principles of sustainable development.

We’ve thoroughly rebuilt our organization. We have strengthened internal management systems and we effectively use the expertise and experience of our specialists. Already in the first year of implementation of the new corporate strategy we’ve created a uniform economic organism, which effectively operates on the market. We have also implemented a new, integrated risk management system. This is a particularly valuable investment in management systems, which significantly helps us, among others, to analyse current and future trends affecting directly the condition and expectations towards our industry.

Strong, healthy competition, efficiency and cost optimization, energy and climate policy of Poland and Europe, growing energy needs and energy supply reliability - are the key challenges that we confidently respond to. We’ve responsibly taken part in a thorough restructuring of the Polish energy sector.
We rationally develop our capacities and modernize distribution networks. We rely on the best technologies, looking for innovation also here in Poland.

We’re building a unique on a global scale, modern power unit in Kozienice. We’re increasing our portfolio of renewable energy sources and cogeneration.
We’re rebuilding electricity grids in the north-western Poland. We’re developing our offer addressed to customers and improve service quality. As we respond to their needs every day we enjoy higher customer confidence.

We are changing to take the best care for the world of our customers. Enea is now a modern, innovative and courageously forward-looking company.

Krzysztof Zamasz

President of Enea SA Management Board